16" Kilim Pillow, Diamond Glow

16" Kilim Pillow, Diamond Glow


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Crafted from vibrant, vintage kilim rugs, these culture-rich pillows reinvented by Brooklyn-based Christian Rathbone are given new life. We hand-picked an array of entirely unique designs for our colorfully exclusive collection — each pillow is one of a kind.

  -  16" x 16"
  -  Wool front / organic cotton back
  -  Kapok fill included
  -  Zip closure


Our vintage kilim pillows are handcrafted from vintage kilim rugs. These rugs are anywhere from 20-75 years old — as such, some wear is normal. We pick out our favorites (in only the best condition, of course), but please be aware that some wear/discoloration may occur. Please note that the "slits" in some styles, often mistaken for holes in the fabric, is a traditional Turkish weaving technique and should not be considered a flaw.