Artist Series Candle x Selene Rosenberg

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A limited edition collaboration with Brooklyn-based ceramicist Selene Rosenberg. Using Rosenberg's handmade ceramic vessel (featuring quirky, squiggly cutout appliqués), we made candles with captivating and strongly fragrant scents. The vessels are the perfect size to be used as planters once the candle has been fully burned. The matte white vessel features a beautifully botanical and green fragrance, and the speckled tan offers a classic santal scent.

Santal: cardamom / violet / labdanum / cedarwood / leather
Arborteum: leafy greens / fig / grapefruit / jasmine / amber

Size 14 oz candle in ceramic vessel
Burn time 80 hour burn time
Details Soy-paraffin blend wax
Dimensions 4" wide x 3.75" tall
Origin Brooklyn, New York, United States

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