Botanical Bar Soap

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Made with essential oils and natural exfoliants like poppy seeds and walnut shell powder, these Australian-made soaps seal the deal with some of the prettiest packaging we've ever seen.

Palmarosa & poppy seed: palmarosa oil and poppy seeds. good for stress & physical exhaustion; mildly exfoliating.
Lemon geranium & mandarin: g
eranium and mandarin essential oils. relaxing & balancing; balances oily and dry skin. 
Mint walnut scrub:
 peppermint essential oil and walnut shell powder. naturally exfoliating; nourishes dull skin and improves oily skin. 
Spiced orange: 
sweet orange and cinnamon bark essential oils. warm & uplifting; soothes tired muscles. 

  -  4.75 oz
  -  A blend of coconut, olive, castor oil & shea butter
  -  Handmade in Australia