Botanical Face Mask

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Fig & Moss' plant-based masks are packed with all-natural nutrients for nourishment and replenishment, allowing for a traditionally healing way to treat your skin with the powers of nature. This mask comes as a dry powder — to use, combine it with one teaspoon of water or toner. 

Hydrate: banana extract, coconut milk, honey powder, chamomile extract // nourishing + moisturizing, loaded with gentle fruit enzymes and vitamins which resurface old skin cells while providing calming and hydrating benefits to sensitive skin

Nourish: rhassoul clay with ground lavender buds & chamomile flowers // softening + rejuvenating for tired skin, gently exfoliating to lift blockages and dead cells while calming inflamed or irritated skin

  -  100% natural ingredients

  -  2 oz glass jar
  -  Mixed by hand in California