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Japanese Bar Soap


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Made using a blend of organic oils, this moisturizing hand and body soap brings Japanese minimalism to the bathroom — each individually packaged with natural twine and a small pebble, these soaps make a good-looking gift.

Peppermint leaf: essential peppermint oil with a sprinkle of menthol crystals
Citrus lavender: relaxing lavender invigorated with lemon, orange & tangerine
Bergamot & blood orange: refreshing and uplifting bergamot with essential orange oil & madder root
Herb garden: essential herbal oils of clove bud, lemongrass, patchouli, rosemary & thyme
Lavender: relaxing lavender soothes and calms the mind, heart and skin
Grassy field: sage, lemongrass & spearmint essential oils with flecks of calendula for texture
Pine: essential oils of juniper, fir and spruce; lightly exfoliating

  -  Safflower and/or sunflower, palm & coconut oils
  -  Made in the USA

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  • Japanese Bar Soap - LEIF
  • Japanese Bar Soap - LEIF