"Partene Skifte (Parties)" [Original] - LEIF "Partene Skifte (Parties)" [Original] - LEIF

"Partene Skifte (Parties)" [Original]


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Partene Skifte (Parties) by Carey Sveen

Carey Sveen's hand-painted fabric art is inspired by family artists in North Carolina and Norway and a never-ending obsession with color and shape. Å skifte means "to shift" in Norwegian, the inspiration behind her Skifte series.

  -  Original, one-of-a-kind work
  -  Acrylic and thread on cotton canvas
  -  18" wide x 15" tall
  -  Snap removable hanging mechanism at top
  -  Please note: all artwork purchases are final sale

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  • "Partene Skifte (Parties)" [Original] - LEIF
  • "Partene Skifte (Parties)" [Original] - LEIF