Produce Soy Candle

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In scents that smell as if they came straight from the garden, these fresh soy candles are perfectly packaged in lidded mason jars.

Kale: tender top notes of crisp greens, berries, fig & lemon with middle notes of jasmine & mint
Radish: a bold, unique peppery aroma with notes of basil and tomato; like freshly harvested vegetables
Cilantro: crisp garden greens with citrus undertones; middle notes of tomato and coriander
Rhubarb: a deep, yet subtly sweet scent with notes of berries and cassis buds; a soft vanilla undertone
Wildflower: an aquatic, vibrant green floral with notes of jasmine, rose and cyclamen

  -  Soy wax
  -  Glass mason jar
  -  4.75" tall x 2.75" wide
  -  9 oz
  -  50 - 70 hour burn time