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Saipua Soap


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Coffee mint: 
for the cook or gardener — made with brewed coffee, coffee grounds and peppermint essential oil
Clary sage: bright but earthy with base notes of patchouli and dill weed
Lavender oatmeal: simple and traditional; lightly exfoliating
Winter citrus: a crisp citrus blend of blood orange and fir needle with ground orange peel for a bit of scrubbiness
Basil: Hungarian pressed basil is sweetened with a bit of lime oil — deeply herbal; a bit masculine
Rose geranium: pure rose geranium essential oil makes this a favorite bar
Saltwater: nori seaweed and crushed sea salt is scented with rosemary and patchouli essential oils

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  • Saipua Soap - LEIF
  • Saipua Soap - LEIF