Vintage Miners' Bottle

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Crafted by Eastern European miners using colored detonation wire and empty wine bottles, these vintage objets are each one-of-a-kind relics. Legend has it that miners passed the time making these bottles while waiting for their shifts to begin, or during evacuations. Made in the mid-20th century, these are vintage pieces (reflected in the occasional clumps of sand mixed into the wire!) — no two bottles are alike and each will vary in shape and size.

#01, small: 8.75" tall x 3" wide; wire handle
#02, medium: 12.5" tall x 3.5" wide
#03, medium: 13" tall x 4.5" wide; wire handle
#04, medium: 11" tall x 6" wide; cork sealed top
#05, medium: 12" tall x 6" wide
#06, large: 13" tall x 8" wide; wire handle
#07, large: 15" tall x 5.75" wide; wire handle + functioning lid
#08, large: 16" tall x 9" wide; wire handle