Vintage Pressed Flower Plate, Bachelor's Button

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Immaculately preserved, these one-of-a-kind pressed flower plates are truly remarkable. Dried over hundreds of years, the actual flower has been pressed and secured to the paper. Each piece lists the Latin & English names of the botanical, along with the location, month and year it was found in. These were found from a former log of a botanical enthusiast, so each piece has varied degrees of information.

  -  Approximately 5.75" wide x 11" tall
  -  Circa 1877

All our vintage artwork is one of a kind and can date back to the 1800's. We try to only sell those still in excellent condition, but minor wear is to be expected. For the most part, prints appear true to their photographs, but may have minor yellowing, very light spots, or creased/slightly torn edges (easily covered up with a mat).