Botanist Candle

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Our signature collection of botanically blended candles beautifully burn with a wooden wick and a strongly scented soy wax blend. In an array of scents from floral to aquatic, they burn bright for 80 hours.

Cotton & neroli: orange blossom / cotton flower / cedar 
Citrus & oakmoss: 
oak moss / amber / sage / lavender / orange 
Watermint & clover: aquatic floral / aloe / citrus / jasmine 
Fern & eucalyptus: eucalyptus / peppermint / ginger / thyme / amber 
Fig & magnolia: green fig / candied lemon peel / flowering magnolia
Pine & cypress: 
crushed pine needles / forest sap / dried leaves
Rose & lichen: spanish rose / seaside air / forest cedar / golden honey
Tomato & wild herb: muddled tomato leaf / star jasmine / lemon
Pomelo & peony: tart grapefruit / bright pomelo / blooming lily
Verbena & thyme: lemon / sea salt / cyclamen / musk
Dandelion & mint: mint leaf / sagebrush / eucalyptus / birch
Orange & clove: cedarwood / mandarin / cypress / crushed cloves

Burn Time 80 hours
Size 21 oz jar (4" tall x 3.75" wide)
Material Glass jar with cork lid
Origin Brooklyn, New York, United States

This is a handmade product

woman owned small business


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  • Hello! I love these candles. Do you have any tips for getting an even burn? Usually I end up with leftover wax along the walls (with all candles, not specific to this one).

    When that happens (it's called "tunneling), it means the candle is not properly constructed and was not made using the correct wick size. Rest assured you will never experience tunnelling with our candles as they burn evenly. :)

  • Hi! Love these candles. Just wondering if there is an option of a regular wick instead of wooden wick. Thank you!!!

    The wooden wick is the signature feature of our Botanist line, which isn't offered with any other wick type. Our Sensory Series collection is our candle line that features a traditional cotton wick.

  • Came here looking to purchase the Basil and Black Pepper candle. Will you be restocking the Basil and Black Pepper candle? If not, what would be a similar substitute? Thank you.

    Unfortunately the Basil & Black Pepper scent has been discontinued, but our other green and herbal scent, Fern & Eucalyptus, would be your best bet if you're looking for a similar scent!

  • I purchased two candles (order #46354-9) The website said burn time is 110 hours but the container says 60. I bought them (and paid more than they are listed on Terrain at $50) because I thought they were longer burning than the Terrain ones. Please explain.

    Hi Joe,

    They are 110 hours (and have been for a year and a half), the labels are just old (we had lots and lots of labels from before we made the changes to the wick that resulted in a longer burn time). Hope that answers your question!

  • Are your candles scented with 100% essential oils?

    Hi Amber! Our candles are made with fragrance oils, a mix of synthetic fragrance and essential oils. This is typical of most candles out there. It's actually very uncommon for candles to be made with purely essential oils (and when they are, this information is typically prominently featured as essential oil candles are almost in another category of candle).

  • Which is the least floral? Looking for a clean scent.

    Hi there! For a clean scent that isn't floral, we'd recommend Fern & Eucalyptus. You also might like the "Last Tide" scent from our Sensory Series candles.