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Mood Aromatherapy Roller

Mood Aromatherapy Roller

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Our custom-blended scents are the result of many tests and trials, done until we were completely in love with each and every one. We carry these aromatherapy rollers around with us everywhere we go, for both mood balancing and to smell good on-the-go at all times (they double as light perfumes).

Dream: for a good night's rest. to relax, calm + wind down. soothing lavender with earthy cedarwood and crisp pine.
Inspire: for a late night project. to spark creativity. to enlighten + encourage a good mood. bergamot and mandarin citrus with floral geranium and neroli.
Focus: for meditating. for coming back to reality. to restore peace. grounding palo santo with spicy patchouli, herbal sage and subtle rose.
Revive: after a long flight. on the way to the gym. to energize + lift. tart grapefruit with herbal, green basil and rosemary and earthy sandalwood. 

  -  Essential oils + coconut oil
  -  0.35 fl oz
  -  100% natural; no synthetic fragrances
  -  Blended by hand in Brooklyn, New York

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