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Botanical Facial Steam

Botanical Facial Steam

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A welcome addition to your natural skincare routine, our botanical facial steam is both mentally and physically restorative. A flowering blend or herbs and botanicals comes to life when placed in hot water—reap the benefits by taking some deep breaths and relaxing. Facial steams loosen and unclog pores, improve circulation, balance the complexion, and restore a sense of well-being.

How to use: Boil a pot of filtered water. Let cool slightly. Add herbs (and essential oil if desired). Position face approximately 12 inches from water and drape a light towel or scarf over your head, creating a "steam tent". Breathe deeply; repeat in 1 minute intervals.

Jasmine + calendula: nourish / heal / restore dry to normal skin
Hibiscus + mint: rejuvenate / invigorate / refresh — normal to oily skin
Lavender + rose: relax / clarify / balance — normal to sensitive skin 

Size 8 oz
Material Glass jar
Origin Brooklyn, New York, United States

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