Freelance Seamstress

Seamstress — Freelancer/Independent Contractor

The job:
 Part-time seamstress (this position is treated as an independent contractor) to assist in the production of our in-house textile line—including but not limited to table linens, pillow covers, simple accessories (i.e. pouches and tote bags), masks, etc. This position would take place on-site in our Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio, approximately 1-2 days per week or as needed. 

The location: 649 Morgan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Basic responsibilities: You will be responsible for production from start to finish, from measuring, cutting, and ironing, to sewing and completing the finished product. This position is paid on a per piece basis

Requirements: Ideally, we'd love to work with someone who is familiar with the LEIF brand and understands our aesthetic. Professional experience is welcome, but not required. We will need to see examples of your work in relevant categories (if unavailable, we'd have you make some sample products). 

To apply: send an email to with the subject "LEIF Seamstress Position". Please attach your resume and provide a cover letter to give us a sense of who you are, your relevant experience, and why you think you'd be a good fit for this position. Links to your Pinterest and/or Instagram account (and blog if you have one) are a plus for us and give us a great idea of your aesthetic and personality.