Gold Differences Explained

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between gold, gold plate, gold fill, and gold vermeil? Gold plate vs gold fill?
So many different options can seem overwhelming, but once you figure out which type is best for you, you'll be informed in no time.
Read our guide below to find out which type is best suited for your lifestyle.

Solid gold is, of course, the real deal. The finish won't ever wear off, and it'll look good as new for the rest of time.
It's the best you can get, but of course comes with a hefty price tag to match.

Best for: those who like to have a few timeless staple pieces that they never take off and will wear for years.

We're big fans of gold fill around here. Gaining popularity and becoming more widely used and easier to find, gold fill gives you the "gold experience" for a fraction of the price. Made with 5% real gold (as opposed to 0.05% in some gold plated jewelry), the finish will last for years of everyday wear without ever wearing off — even if you wear it in the the shower, wash your hands with it, and never take it off. And it's affordable! Our gold fill pieces start at $28.

Best for: those who like to experiment with different jewelry often but like to have a few key pieces that they wear everyday and don't have to worry about taking on and off.

Mysteriously, gold plate can often sell for the same price as gold fill, but with way less to offer in terms of quality. Often with as little real gold as 0.05%, the finish will gradually wear off the more you wear it, especially if the ring is exposed to water, lotions, hand sanitizer and soaps. The more care is taken, the longer the finish will last. On the plus side, there are a lot more options in gold plate in terms of style, as gold fill items are usually reserved for more simple designs and settings.

Best for: those who love to be on top of the latest trends and change their jewelry styles often, those who are really good about remembering to take jewelry off in the shower and when they wash their hands.

Often priced higher than gold plate and gold fill due to having a higher-quality (and allergy-friendly) base metal of sterling silver, gold vermeil generally doesn't have the quality in terms of finish that its higher price tag would lead you to believe. Its finish is similar in quality to gold plate, and will eventually wear off and turn completely silver.

Best for: those who are allergic to brass and other common metals found in jewelry.