Colorant Cotton Rug

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In nubby, textured cotton, this small floor rug gives a natural feel to the kitchen, bathroom or entryway. Fringed edges lend a bohemian finish.

Material 100% cotton
Size 2' x 3'
Care Machine wash cold
Origin India


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  • The cayenne appears to be different shades in the first and second picture. Is it brighter and more orangish like the first or more subtle and terra-cotta like the second?

    Hi there! It's somewhere in between. Definitely not as bright as the one photo makes it seem, but also brighter and more orange than your standard terracotta color. 

  • Would you say the Lagos rug is more blue or green? I'm really looking for an "aqua" color! Do you have swatches?

    Unfortunately we don't offer swatches, but the rug is a mint green meets aqua!